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2015 – Audi A5 Sportback 2TDI Auto

Price: R279 990.00

Audi proved with this A5 Sportback that there was room in the market for a compact executive saloon with a fifth door and an added dose of charisma. Whether the people buying them are actually conquest customers is another issue entirely of course but when you’re offering models to suit every conceivable market niche, you can never be quite sure of that.
This post-2012 revised version certainly stacks up on paper, with impressively low CO2, fuel economy and benefit-in-kind statistics – and unlike the original model, can potentially seat five people. Which makes it even harder to ignore if you’re target market for this kind of car. One thing’s certain: here’s another very desirable Audi.

Power : 130 kW @ 4200 rpm
Torque : 380 Nm @ 1750 rpm
Economy : 4.8 l/100km
Emissions : 127 g/km
Emissions Rating : EU5
Gears : 8 / FRONT
Acceleration : 7.9 seconds
Top Speed : 225 km/h
Airbags (total) : 6
Length : 4,712 cm
Seats : 4
Fuel Tank Capacity : 63 litres
Boot Capacity : 480 litres
Service Intervals : 15,000 km
Dealer : Kloof Car Sales

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